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Celia Louis | Engaging Your Chakras

The theme is "Engaging Your Chakras" through Celia's Champagne Chakra system!

Celia Louise loves to share the practices that radically reset her energy and joy when she felt a deep ache inside her heart that told her something was missing in her life.

That we live in a connected energy field has fascinated Celia since her days of teaching others to farm organically, in Canada, California, & Indonesia. Her second career focused on international peace, human rights, and humanitarian aid in the conflict & post-conflict zones of El Salvador, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Rwanda, teaching her the truth of human resilience.

Celia Louise is the author of The Champagne Chakra, Seven Steps to Elevate Your Energetic Frequency, published in May 2022, as well as the Champagne Chakra Guided Journal Series. She wrote the chapter “Acknowledging Your Instincts” in the international best-selling book Evolving On Purpose, Mindful Ancestors Paving The Way For Future Generations, published in 2021.

Celia’s mission is to help her readers reconnect to their instincts, intuition, and inner joy through her writing, energy healing, and coaching.

The Champagne Chakra teaches you about your elegant chakra system. You will learn to keep your energy flowing rather than getting stuck in a lower frequency that doesn't allow you to live your life as the beautiful expression it's meant to be.

She shares her best practices so you can live and love your best life.


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