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"It's Always Too Early To Quit," - Norman Vincent Peale


Quitting. . . when do you do it? Why do you do it? How do you feel about it?

The answers depend on one primary factor. . . Commitment.

Commitment is part of the deepest relationship with Your Self. . . that unspoken, yet often conscious, dialogue you have with your reason, logic, fear. . . your desire, emotion, intuition. . . the "deals you make with God" at 3 am when you can't sleep, trying to relieve the inner angst about whether to stay committed. . . or to quit.

The result of staying committed or quitting. . . bears its full weight on you. . and you alone.

If you quit now, justified by as many reasons as you can think of. . . how will your life change in 6 months or a year? How will you feel at the end of your life, when you look back?

If you stay committed now. . . well. . . maybe, just maybe. . . you will succeed. . . and how will your life change in 6 months or a year? Are you ready for success?

Breaking through the wall of the struggle to Commit is a critical step in the process of healing.

Commitment is the 2nd Secret in Healing Your Chronic Health Condition

This is why Your Chronic Health Condition is the Gateway to Your Empowerment. It is through a relationship with Your Self. . . in Being Centered, Connected and Conscious, that you can Commit to achieving your health goals.

If you would like to finally Commit to Your Self, so you can Heal Your Chronic Health Condition, once-and-for-all. . .you don't have to do it alone. . .

Does this resonate with you?

CLICK HERE to get started today.

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