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Lidia Kuleshnyk | Macrobiotic Healing Foods: Emergency Survival Foods: Part One

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

March's Conscious Leaders Circle is all about releasing stress, anxiety and overwhelm by being prepared! ⁠

This month's gathering will be hosted by me, Lidia Kuleshnyk , and the theme is "Macrobiotic Healing Foods: Emergency Survival Foods: Part One".

To be Centered-Connected-Conscious during these unprecedented times, it is important to recognize that food is not only nutrition, it is also medicine. In macrobiotics, food is recognized as a truly holistic expression of the principles in the order of the universe. Food is understood as both nutrition ( minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates) as well as frequency or energy. This is why the understanding of macrobiotics, as applied to food, is so very powerful, especially at this time when it is important to protect our cells from external stressors of all kinds, such as 5G, side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs and possible nuclear radiation. Food becomes our blood and our cells. It is one of the original nano-medicines provided by nature. We are, literally, what we eat.

In fact, Michio Kushi—the international expert on Macrobiotics—recommended brown rice and sea vegetables, and rice balls, as the top foods for survival—in his words “Bottom Line Emergency Foods.” Mr. Kushi states that rice balls with umeboshi plum and nori can help sustain a person for two or three weeks, without much physical weakness. Mr. Kushi also explains that these foods are “Bottom Line Foods For Spiritual Development” and including them as part of a healthy diet, in combination with reflective activities such as meditating, may help bring spiritual clarity. Source: Michio Kushi. Unusual Illnesses. Lecture, Video. 1984 Distributed by The Kushi Institute


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