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Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Become the Conscious Leader of Your Life

Be a Conscious Leader of the World

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We Are Living Through One Of The Greatest Paradigm Shifts In Human History


You Are Part Of This

You Are Needed

You Are Here To Live Your Passion, Vision and Mission

Being Grounded, Energized And Focused 
  Supports You In Navigating From
Where You Are 
Who You Are

Destructive Playtime Is Over

It Is Time To:

Define Your True Role and Responsibility


Refine Your Power

Reclaim Your Sovereignty

It Is Time To:

Get Centered, Connected, Conscious

Turn Lead Into Gold

Be A Great Conscious Leader

As A Collective, We Are Moving From An Intellectually-Based Operating System, to a Holistic, Spiritually-Based Operating System

Intellectual Control and Overthinking

Are Being Replaced With

Alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit

Mastering Your Inner Knowing and Power, Cultivating Your Ease Of Being
Are Foundational Pillars of Conscious Leadership


Would You Like To Be In Flow, Connect With Your Essence and Power, and Expand Your Capacity To Be More, Do More, Live More ?

Moving Beyond Mindset Into A Mastery Of Ancient Universal Principles Is The Key To Infinite Growth and Evolving As A Great Conscious Leader Of Our Time

You Don’t Have To Evolve On Your Own

Apona Healing Supports You With H.E.L.P. . . . Health, Energy and Lasting Power

Programs and Services Are Offered At Any Stage In Your Journey
of Self-Discovery and Empowerment

If You Are Ready to Reclaim Your Sovereignty and Master Your Inner Power, Apona Healing’s High Performance Wellness Coaching Is For You

Apona Healing Offers a Variety of Pathways to Living a

Centered, Connected, Conscious Life


to Living a
Centered, Connected, Conscious Life

Apona Coaching | High Five

Apona Coaching

Reclaim Your Sovereignty. Master Your Inner Power.

High Performance Wellness Coaching creates an unshakeable foundation of lasting strength and endless vitality, unveiling your unlimited power.

Apona Healing Method | Yin and Yang

Apona Healing Method

Resolve Your
Chronic Health Conditions

The Most Effective Healing Modalities
Reiki + Healing Foods + Holistic and Wellness Coaching
All in One Efficient Approach

Apona Healing Ranch | Horse in Stable

Apona Healing Ranch

Rescuing Horses
To Heal The World

Our mission is to rescue horses from slaughter and provide a healing sanctuary where they can recover from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma.

Apona Healing Retreats | Cottage

Apona Healing Retreats

Relax and Rejuvenate
In Nature

Experience the peace and tranquility of nature at our retreats and private cottage rental. Create your perfect country getaway, surrounded with the healing energies of trees and horses.


Join the Conscious Leaders Circle

Connect with the founder of Apona Healing, Lidia Kuleshnyk and other Conscious Leaders at our monthly Conscious Leaders Circle.  

Lidia Kuleshnyk Lady Apona Centered Connected Conscious
Doug Marks
Doug Marks, CEO, A.D. Marks and Associates Inc.

Lidia Has Been A Primary Instrument In My Healing, And I Consider Her To Be My Master Counsellor And Coach.

I Continue To Be Amazed At Lidia's Incredible Insight.

Lidia Is So Very Astute. Two Years Later, I Am Now Light Years Away From Where I Was.

I Am Continuing To Realize The Depth Of Lidia's Awareness Of My Experiences

Lenir S
Lenir S.

My story is about being declared cancer free by both medical tests and exams results within a two-month period from the beginning of the implementation of the macrobiotic and reiki protocols.

Nicole Dean.jpeg
Nicole Dean

I am so very blessed and honored to call Lidia Kuleshnyk a friend whom I hold near and dear to my heart.  She's been a voice for the voiceless and a saving grace to many, horses and humans alike.  Thank you Lidia and please continue in the direction you're going in to be an advocate for the horses who've lost their voice and their freedom.  We pray that one day our struggles to give them a voice will rise above and alleviate their struggles in finding that second chance.

Sander Freedman
Sander Freedman

Lidia. I am overjoyed by this incredible beautiful sanctuary you have created. This home is filled with light and love. It's a magnificent synthesis of your light and beauty you bring to the world. The rustic charm and gracefulness of the horses is absolutely heartwarming.

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