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Lidia, candidate for Mayor of Ajax.

Lidia, candidate for Mayor of Ajax.

Lidia’s greatest accomplishment is her own healing and personal development . . . living a Centered, Connected, Conscious™ Life as a secure, sovereign being, in the midst of our powerful global paradigm shift.


You can learn more about Lidia’s personal journey of healing and empowerment, starting with her first connections with mindset tools to her evolving self-mastery with ancient universal principles, in Lidia’s chapters of her 4 international best-selling books.  Each chapter provides powerful inspiration, guidance, and tools to support you at every stage of your journey. As a compilation e-book, “Reclaiming Sovereignty: Lidia's Journey From Chronic Illness To Conscious Leadership” provides a valuable resource for your personal growth and evolution.

By purchasing  “Reclaiming Sovereignty: Lidia's Journey From Chronic Illness To Conscious Leadership”, you are also making an important donation to save horses from slaughter.  100% of proceeds go to saving horses from slaughter and providing horses with a forever home at Apona Healing Ranch.  Thank you for your donation and being a Conscious Leader.  With your purchase, you will also receive the gift of Lidia’s free e-book “10 Tools To Survive and Thrive In Uncertain Times” and become a valued member of our Apona Healing Community.

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Lidia Kuleshnyk

Lidia is honoured to be:

  • Recipient of Expert Profile Magazine's "Global Super Minds Award" and "Editor's Choice Award" 2023 as an Industry Leader and Established Expert Columnist

  • Honoree of Unified Brainz Global "Who's Who Of The World Industries" Limited Gold Edition

  • Passion Vista Magazine's "Women Leaders To Look Up To In 2023"

  • Recipient of Brainz 500 Global Award 2022 and 2023, prestigious list of top entrepreneurs and influential leaders, as an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine

  • Digital First Magazine's "10 Must Watch Innovative Coaching Service Providers 2023"

  • 4 x Best-Selling Author

  • 10 Top Women In Business | MSP News Global

  • Contributor, as a representative to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), to the 1988 first Global Climate Change Conference

  • Recipient of the Michio Kushi Awards Of Excellence

  • Recognized as a leader of her community as a candidate for Mayor of Ajax

  • See More Awards & Accolades Here

Lidia is a Renaissance Woman, loving her roles as a high performance coach, thought leader, healer and advocate for horses and animals. She is passionate about empowering Conscious Leaders to feel secure and confident in their knowing that they can turn any crisis or situation into success and activate human potential to turn lead into gold.

Lidia Kuleshnyk


Apona Healing was created from the passion, vision and mission of Lidia Kuleshnyk, aka Lady Apona.

At the age of 10, Lidia took a stand for herself when she no longer accepted living in chronic pain and chronic illness, and declared “I didn’t come to this planet to be half alive. I came to this planet to be whole and free”. And so began her lifelong journey of empowerment.

Lidia yearned for a state of being that had been expressed in ancient and historical writings relating to  “sovereignty of thought, expression, body and property” and in Taoist, macrobiotic philosophy as one’s inherent birthright of “health, happiness and peace”.  Lidia realized that the journey of healing, personal development and empowerment is ultimately the evolution of mastering your inner power and reclaiming your sovereignty. This is the mission of Apona Healing.

Apona Healing offers 4 pathways to support you on your journey to Reclaim Your Sovereignty and live a Centered, Connected, Conscious™ Life. These pathways guide you in uncovering who you are, taking ownership and responsibility for who you are and becoming the Conscious Leader of Your Life. As you step into your power, and evolve, you naturally share your talents and gifts . . . You Become a Conscious Leader of the World.

Lidia has several university degrees, in-depth training in holistic modalities and has been supporting clients for over 25 years in their healing and personal growth.

Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor
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Columnist at Expert Profile Magazine
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