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Our Wild Angel, Spring Rose

Each horse is unique. My "untrainable" "pasture pet" wild mustang, Spring Rose, is a beautiful loving soul. And she bows to no one. She is the "sovereign" boss of herself, so while she yearns for deep union and relationship, it is on her terms, and so is often 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

Spring Rose arrived afraid, distrusting, and untouchable, but in 2 years, we can brush her, kiss, snuggle, deeply hug, and she ALWAYS massages my back when I scratch her or when I put essential oils on her teets or groin to keep flies away. Using essential oils for bonding has been great for us... she is pleased with herself when she tries to bond with us and it works out, like when she started licking our faces, hands, arms lovingly, like she was caring for us "her kin".

I never say " no" to her, as she doesn't like that. I just say "I am a fragile human, I know you love me, please be gentle with me". She will then be more gentle since as a wild horse, she likes to play rough. She wants us to be equals and is trying very hard to learn our ways, is often afraid but proud when trying to figure out how to honour herself while uniting in love with us.

Spring Rose is still terrified of anything over her ears, like a halter or a fly mask, but now loves having the area scratched by us. She has fallen asleep at my feet when I spoke to her as an equal and I have slept with her. But she is wild, so she can react in a split second to anything!

She comes running from pasture to be with us and neighs to us, at least twice a day when we see her and she is constantly watching and learning what we do with the other horses. For hoof trimming, I learned about putting big stones for her to walk through to get water. This works great in summer, but hooves get a bit longer in winter's deep snow, but overall self-trimming is going great so far. We would like to halter her just in case she needs medical treatment. For example, when it comes to de-worming, I put a natural herbal de-wormer (she needed a chemical de-wormer when she arrived full of parasites!) in 2 cups of oats with a bit of sea salt and colloidal silver, grated carrots, and she eats it up. She has gained weight, her coat is shiny, and her fecal count at vets shows she doesn't need a chemical de-wormer.

Overall, she is super easy to keep and care for and true joy. She poops and pees outside only so no barn manure to clean and fewer summer barn flies. And she thanks us when we clean poop out of her smaller pasture. She eats any hay as well as our homemade oat mixture with supplements.

She is an angel of light, living her purpose to heal us, protect us and the planet with her big heart, soulful power, and self-respect. We love her forever, our "sovereign" mare... the world would have lost her eternal love and light to torture and slaughter. Every horse is worthy to live in peace and shine their Light. No one needs to eat tortured horses or use their body parts to make goods. Long live our horse brothers and sisters!

The Apona Healing Initiative: Join the movement for healing and global peace.


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