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Gwen Lepard | Luminary and Healer

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I am honoured to welcome Gwen Lepard, a Luminary and Healer, as our featured guest speaker this Saturday November 20 at 11 am EST. And Richard P. Geer, Free Will Astrologer, will be leading a guided meditation!

I just love Gwen's gentle power and soothing energy! Gwen and I became friends and colleagues several years ago through our Wellness Coaching. And we are co-authors in "Navigating The Clickety Clack, Pt. 2".

As a Luminary, Gwen Lepard shines the way to empower empathic entrepreneurs to evolve beyond limitations. Having triumphed over narcissistic and energy bully abuse she elevates empaths to overcome their relationship baggage, optimize their self-love, and own their personal power, obliterating anxiety on the way.

If you consider yourself to be an empath, who would like to be grounded, energized and focused, I think you will love connecting with Gwen Lepard!


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