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Apona Healing Method

The Apona Healing Method was created by Lidia Kuleshnyk in her 25 years of professional experience working with clients with serious and chronic health conditions. It combines the best of the three most effective healing modalities, Reiki, Macrobiotics and Coaching, into one efficient approach to healing. Apona Healing Sessions combine Reiki Treatments, Healing Foods and Holistic Coaching to allow you to experience optimal results in the shortest time.

Reclaim Your Health.
Regain Your Energy. 
Refine Your Power.™

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Apona Healing Method

The Most Effective Healing Modalities
Reiki + Healing Foods + Holistic and Wellness Coaching
All in One Efficient Approach

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Every Journey Begins With A Single Step. Take the First Step To Learn the Secrets to Heal Your Chronic Health Condition.

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