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Healing with Horses

Horses are incredibly telepathic, as are all animals. I have always known this from my own dreams and experiences. But this week, I watched a video of a psychic speaking to a mustang who had been rounded up with helicopters and was now in a safe forever human home. While the horse expressed gratitude, she said the fear and terror of being chased by the helicopters caused her family members to have heart attacks and broken legs, and that it was horrible to have to run over them. She said she communicates every day with her family that is thousands of miles away, being abused in holding pens or in worse conditions. She said she misses them and feels their pain and suffering every day. And then she offered guidance for humans. . . that when you feel fear. . . pause and have patience. . . with patience, you can navigate through fear.

Horses are wise spiritual masters, great Pillars Of Light, who have come to Earth to love and heal, unconditionally. This horse who had been through hell was only filled with sadness and sorrow and expressed no hate towards the humans who took pleasure in torturing and killing her family.

Horses teach us unconditional love. In divine love, there is no hate. Horses do no harm.

They are here to help, as Conscious Stewards who honour life.

To experience the mastery, inner power, and wisdom of horses, and to support our mission to Rescue Horses to Heal The World, click HERE to learn more about Equine Assisted Therapy.

The Apona Healing Initiative: Join the movement for healing and global peace.


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