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Jessica Rea | Health Benefits of CBD

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Our special guest in February is Jessica Rea, plant medicine specialist. I met Jessica in 2013 as a result of divine intervention. I was in a crisis trying to help one of my beloved horses who had a sudden, undiagnosable, mystery illness. After failed attempts by vets and farriers, I found a horseman with 75 years of experience who was confident he could heal my horse. I flew him in from Vancouver, and after his efforts were not successful, he felt defeated and sat under a tree asking for guidance. Jessica's name appeared to him. "The Lord works in strange and mysterious ways", as the saying goes, and this is how I met Jessica. . . A true Conscious Leader whose passion, caring, experience and expertise are helping bring plant medicine to those in need.

Jessica will be sharing how CBD can benefit you, your family as well as horses.


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