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L.O.V.E. Method of Building Trust


"You Can't Base Your Life On Other People's Expectations"

-Stevie Wonder


As we move through one of the greatest paradigm shifts in human history, we are being given an incredible opportunity to self-reflect, self-assess, connect, and learn how to honor ourselves and others.

While this natural process is available to each of us, it may feel uncomfortable and challenging to get started due to centuries of mental-emotional conditioning. This conditioning is what I call imprints or patterns that are often passed down through generations.

Now is the time to release the imprints and patterns that no longer serve you and those around you. Awareness is the first step, then Acceptance, then willingness to take Aligned Actions.

Taking responsibility for your state of being, and how you impact those around you, requires genuine interest in your self-development and way of living and relating.

Expectations can be a loaded frontier to explore. . . expectations of others and expectations others put on you. For centuries, a model has existed that others are there to fulfill, and even serve you. Even on a subconscious level, it was acceptable to project unfulfilled desires, frustrations, goals, and even hate, onto others. The time has now come to end projectionism by taking responsibility for what we think, believe, say, and act. The time has come to become more Centered, Connected, and Conscious.

Creating foundational trust within yourself builds confidence in who you truly are and how you would like to live. If you trust yourself, you can begin to follow your instincts and intuition. You naturally have less attachment to stress and avoid the overwhelm and depletion that leads to burnout and chronic illness.

Staying positive without attachment, releasing your expectations of others, and acceptance without judgment are key aspects of creating foundational trust through the L.O.V.E. Method.

My L.O.V.E. Method . . . Listen, Observe, Validate, Empower . . . is a simple, powerful foundational technique to create unconditional support, without judgment, attachment, and expectations. I have been sharing this method for over 25 years with students and clients to help them develop self-confidence and create a new model for lasting, fulfilling relationships. It is part of my teaching of Taoist non-attachment that helps you release your intellect and preconceived notions of what others should be or do. When we support others with unconditional acceptance, then we provide sacred space for them to blossom in their own time, in their own way.

If you would like to build greater self-confidence and create trust in relationships, release the heavy burden of expectations, and avoid years of struggle and depletion, I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ...





AponaHealing offers 4 pathways of H.E.L.P. so you can heal, grow, evolve, and live a Centered, Connected, Conscious Life:

STEP ONE: Click the box below to Join my Waitlist for your Free Apona Healing Coaching Session to help you identify the Pathway that is right for you!

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