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Leti Stiles | 2023 And Beyond: Ancient Wisdom For The Age Of The Great Awakening

I love working with ancient healing modalities and principles to help us navigate through this most incredible time in human history. In the midst of the turmoil, right now you have the greatest opportunity to heal, grow and evolve, to continue to understand who you are, why you are here and take full responsiblity for your life. The journey to mastering your inner power is the journey to reclaim your sovereignty and become the Conscious Leader of Your Life, and a Conscious Leader Of The World.

This is why I am so honoured that Leti Stiles is joining us to share her ancient teachings and wisdom to help us reconnect with our soul and soul purpose, help us understand our role in 2023 and beyond and how we can navigate to honour our individual selves while supporting the collective.

Leti's unique approach to healing facilitates accurate insight in guiding clients to find answers, clear direction, and practical wisdom while healing trauma. Through rigorous study of many subjects, she has gained expertise in reading patterns and deciphering the soul's language inherent to these ancient teachings and practical wisdom.

Leti acquired valuable knowledge and expertise throughout her career, in formal education, in a variety of Metaphysical trainings, and personal life journey. As a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Astrologer, Shamanic practitioner, Sacred Sexuality Educator, Intuitive, and Artist she offers a unique perspective to her clients!


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