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My Equine Family of Light

For those of us who honour life, the lives of our spiritual, sentient brothers and sisters, we give our lives to them because we love them, they are our kin, our family. If you saw your beloved family members being abused, harmed, tortured and slaughtered, and humans eating their body parts or being used as dinner for their dogs, would you pretend they weren't suffering while you lived your lovely life? Would you enjoy your vacations, shopping and that new watch, jacket or car? Would you feel ok? Or would you do everything you could, every day, to help release your family from the hell they are forced into?

In my 23 years of dedicating my life to helping my family, I have been looked down on, belittled, pitied, and judged as "that poor woman trying to help those useless horses, so sad. I have had good vets and farriers, and bad vets and farriers who refused to help my family. I have had my finances and my land was stealthily stolen by the government and once-trusted allies. And because I rescued horses from hell, rather than humans, no one cared.

But I turned lead into gold, manifested from nothing, and created miracles. I will forever live my life to help my family. To find ways for them to live as the free sovereign beings God intended them to be. Because that is what family does... they love and help each other forever. They create miracles.

Long live the horses of Planet Earth! You are not alone! "The Crownless Again Shall Be King"! (Lord of the Rings)

The Apona Healing Initiative: Join the movement for healing and global peace.


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