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Nicole Thibodeau | Dare To Be Divinely Guided

I am excited to introduce our special guest Nicole Thibodeau! Nicole is an Oracle of Divine Transmissions. She's a Channeler, and a Mentor who assists spiritually evolving souls to have more clarity, and peace, and to live in their divinity. But what Nicole is most passionate about is assisting gentle souls to embrace their power and be the master of their life, bringing peace to the planet, one heart at a time.

Her topic this Saturday will be "Dare to be Divinely Guided".

And Nicole will discuss her #1 Amazon International Best Selling book "Back To Love Again: A Giver's Guide To Reconnect With Your Strength".

If you are a "giver", a gentle soul and you would like to reconnect with your strength, then this gathering is especially for you!


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