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Richard P. Gere | 2024 Astrology

To help you stay grounded, energized, and focused in 2024, join us for January’s FREE Conscious Leaders Circle!⁠

Back by popular demand, our good friend and Master Astrologer Richard Geer is our special guest speaker!⁠

Experience the inner clarity and connection of participating in a live interactive group astrology session. Richard will lead you in seeing the vision of your unique path in 2024. This participatory session will help you connect with the feeling of "Being Fearless" in taking aligned actions toward living your passion, purpose, and mission.⁠

This Conscious Leaders Circle is for you to reflect, align and define your path for 2024, under the auspicious guidance of the stars. Bring a pen and paper and take the journey with Richard through your star chart. You don’t have to share anything with the group if you don't want to. But Richard will be there to guide and support you in crafting your highest and best pathway for 2024!⁠


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