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Rocky With The Big Heart

Horses are always great teachers, in so many ways. A couple of years ago, our senior "Rocky With The Big Heart" started losing weight and his personality had highs and lows. We did blood work, had full exams, de-wormed, and treated him for ulcers (naturally, of course!). We also carefully watched if maybe his buddies were bullying him.

I have a picture of Rocky from 2009 by my bed, full-bodied, in his loving peaceful energy. I decided to visualize Rocky like this, this exact picture while honouring his unique soul path.

Rocky then went through a life-and-death ordeal, having a kidney stone removed from his urethra with emergency surgery. It didn't look like I was manifesting my vision for him. After a winter of healing and recovery, when we took off his winter jacket and saw him grazing in the pasture at a distance. . . we couldn't believe our eyes. . . Rocky was full-bodied, back to his original weight. . . and his personality is 100% back too! The vision I had of him manifested!

What a reminder that the path to manifestation is not always a straight one, and that one's soul path always governs the journey. And a reminder that when assessing horse behaviour, there may be underlying physical conditions that they cannot explain to us, that cause them to protect and defend. The undetectable kidney stone was causing erratic physical and mental/emotional drain and pain, affecting Rocky's personality and physicality.

Now, each morning, I look at that picture of Rocky from 2009 and am deeply grateful that I set the intention, created the vision, and the mantra. . . the path of energetic frequency. . . for Rocky's soulpath to unfold with greater efficiency and alignment. Sometimes we just keep going, not sure what is unfolding, and then suddenly realize we have arrived at our destination!

We Love You, Rocky!

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