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Tracy Desjardins | Connect With Your Inner Diva

Tracy is an International Health Coach, Mind Body Eating Coach, Fitness Professional, and writer who specializes in holistic wellness coaching for women.

Tracy shares a compassionate space with other women working through similar trials through her prior struggles with overweight, dieting, binge eating, sugar addiction, and emotional eating challenges.

Her professional work is centered around helping women discover their very own transformative steps to finding sustainable peace with food, body, and self without restrictive dieting ever again.

Tracy is also the author of #1 International Best Seller, The Diet-Free Diva, available to purchase on Amazon at this link :

In her book, Tracy describes her life story as it relates to her battle with dieting and weight loss and offers an effective, groundbreaking approach for healing from emotional eating challenges.

Tracy walks readers through 5 Steps that help women connect to their inner Diva - who they are meant to be when they are not fighting with diets and are living their best version of themselves.


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