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Our Founder Lidia Kuleshnyk


Lidia has had a deep relationship with horses, animals, and nature her entire life. Since childhood, horses and animals have come to Lidia in dreams, as Pillars of Light. In times of hardship, when no answers could be found, it was through Lidia’s connection with the natural world, and the guidance of the spirits of animals, that Lidia found the solutions she needed.​

Understanding this deep connection inspired Lidia to study Animal Behaviour at the University of Toronto, where Lidia completed a B.Sc. in Psychology, a B.Sc. in Zoology, and a B.Sc. in Environmental Science. Lidia went on to complete an M.E.S. degree at York University in International Environmental Policy and was involved in the first global climate change negotiations through UNEP in 1988.

Lidia was then guided by dreams to dedicate her life to holistic healing with reiki and macrobiotics when she experienced firsthand the power of these modalities to heal her own chronic health conditions. Lidia is a trained therapist. In addition to her B.Sc. in Psychology, Lidia also has Advanced Counselling Certification from George Brown College, has been a member of Coachville and OACCPP/OAMHP (Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals) for many years.


Lidia, also known as "Lady Apona", brings together 30 years of training, expertise, and experience in her Apona Healing Method to help both humans and horses heal. As a therapist and holistic coach, Lidia offers Equine-Assisted Therapy and Equine Healing Retreats to help clients return to wholeness through heart-centered, transformational relationships with horses.


"Welcome into our community of light".

Welcome from Lidia

Check out Lidia's Interview on the Divine Prosperity Conference to learn more about her spiritual journey with horses and creating abundance through living your soul mission.

In the video below, Lidia greets Rocky & Woody on a cold winter day, and speaks about how we can connect energetically with horses. 

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