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Ranchstay Program

Spend time working on our sanctuary farm with our beautiful horses, while experiencing the healing benefits of the horses, as part of our Ranchstay Program.

Find meaning and connection with Mother Nature whilst tending to the land.

Caring for the Land Feeds the Soul

Join us on our 76-acre organic farm and healing ranch located in beautiful Rideau Lakes, Ontario, Canada. Our founding principle is the Honouring of Life. We welcome you to share in the beautiful energy and landscape of this land and feel enriched, connected, and fulfilled by working outdoors and with the horses.

We absolutely love sharing with others the experience of "living the great farm and country life!" Getting outside in the clean, fresh air, watching the sunrises and sunsets, seeing the stars at night, working on projects and daily chores, and connecting with nature and horses, brings you such an immediate feeling of deep fulfillment, meaning, and purpose. The daily farm work is a true connection to your soul. 


We believe that the Buddhist expression, "The Best Time To Meditate Is When Chopping Wood", applies to all activities on an organic farm. When we are working in nature and with the animals, we get out of our heads, release our intellect, and just experience the pure essence of the energies of the land, the air, and the animals.

Our dream is for every person to have a life-changing opportunity of working on an organic farm, especially with horses and animals. Apona Healing Ranch is the perfect place for dreams to come true.

Contact Us to learn more about our Ranchstay Program.


Apona Healing Ranchstay Program

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