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Align Your Vision With Your Truth


"He Who Knows Others Is Wise. He Who Knows Himself Is Enlightened"

- Lao Tzu


The greatest gift you can give yourself is to really discover who you are, at the deepest level. It is from this place of being centered in your core energy, connected to your essence and power, and conscious of your beliefs, thoughts, choices, and actions, that you can truly be the "captain of your ship", master your inner power and navigate through any circumstance with the inner knowing that you will always find a way forward.

You can strengthen your power by cultivating a deeper connection with your inner knowing and wisdom. Release your intellect. Expand your awareness. Align your vision with who you truly are.

Some questions to ask yourself, to align your vision with your truth:

Do my beliefs, actions, and mission align with the truth of who I am?

Am I able to let go of mental control and feel safe in a flow of energy and intuition?

What is the feeling within me that is still not satisfied?

What do I really want and value the most?

What are my priorities? Are they creating the life I want?

What am I truly seeking? Am I being honest with myself, in all areas of my life?

Taking the time to reflect, without self-judgment, is time well spent. Our mind was meant to guide us, not control us.

If you would like help creating your best path forward in life, based on who you are, not what you think the world wants from you, I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ...





AponaHealing offers 4 pathways of H.E.L.P. so you can heal, grow, evolve, and live a Centered, Connected, Conscious Life:

  • High-Performance Wellness Coaching

  • Private Healing Retreats and VIP Days

  • Healing With Horses

  • Apona Healing Method

STEP ONE: Click the box below to Join my Waitlist for your Free Apona Healing Coaching Session to help you identify the Pathway that is right for you!

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