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Cleanse & Strengthen


"To Err is Human. To Cleanse is Divine."

- Lady Apona (aka Lidia Kuleshnyk)


Detoxification and Cleansing are a critical part of both maintaining and reclaiming, your health. Nothing in the universe is static. We must make circulation and detoxification a daily priority to prevent stagnation and accumulation of toxins. . . this includes physical, as well as mental and emotional toxins.

The secret to cleansing is to strengthen at the same time. Cleansing without strengthening can lead to weakness and depletion. The basic pillars of healing. . . to cleanse, clear and strengthen, or open, release and stabilize, are part of both biological function and energetic function. I call this the microprocess of healing, a process that is taking place continuously and automatically without having to think about it. Every cell in your body is working very hard to optimize its cleansing and strengthening abilities, its ability to rejuvenate and regenerate as effortlessly as possible. When cells accumulate toxins, and cannot effectively discharge, detoxify and cleanse, then they have to work very hard. . . use a lot of energy. . . just to survive. Eventually, you feel this as being more drained, losing stamina, focus. . . you feel more burdened, weak or heavy.. . and can begin to degenerate.

Another Secret to Heal Your Chronic Health Condition: Cleansing with strengthening. When your cells can deeply cleanse and support their energetic requirements, then you can heal at the deepest level. You can turn degeneration into regeneration.

This is why Your Chronic Health Condition is the Gateway to Your Empowerment. Because the deeper you cleanse and strengthen, the greater your life force is awakened. With a great life force, your mind-body-spirit becomes aligned and unified. . . and you begin to remember who you are, you begin to live with inner ease and grace.

Does this resonate with you?

If you would like to cleanse and strengthen so you can Heal Your Chronic Health Condition, and awaken your life force to regenerate, then. . . join my Wait List for your free session!

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