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Empowering My Clients


"Your Chronic Health Condition Is The Gateway To Your Lasting Empowerment”

-Lidia Kuleshnyk, Lady Apona


When you are diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening illness, shock, fear, and overwhelm can sometimes overtake you. You have just had the rugged pulled out from under you, and it seems like there is no time to find your bearings and get grounded, centered, and focused.

In my 25 years of helping clients resolve their chronic health conditions, two factors are fundamental to getting solid footing and beginning a new path forward, even if you have been given a terminal diagnosis:

1) strengthening your core energy, your fundamental life force

2) strengthening your relationship with yourself

This is why your chronic health condition is the gateway to your empowerment. You do have a choice. You can find your Center, get Connected to your power, and become Conscious of where you are, who you are, and what you would like to create for yourself. Then you can make decisions from a place of inner truth and clarity, rather than a reactive response to fear and uncertainty.

"Where there is a will, there is a way" as the saying goes. Take some time to breathe, reflect and know that you are the same person you were before your diagnosis, as you are now. . . you just have more information now about your state of health. . . and in reality, that is a good thing, to help you navigate your best path forward.

In the video below, I am asked the question: "How Do You Empower Your Clients? ". . . The interviewer states, "When You Can Change Your Idea of What Is Possible, Everything Can Change From There, Even A Terminal Diagnosis".

If you are dealing with a serious health condition, or you know someone who is, I urge you to watch this 3-minute video. Everything happens for a reason. This video is here to remind you of what is possible. . . that you are powerful and your life is in your own hands.

You are not alone. I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ...





Join my Waitlist if you would like to discuss how my Apona Healing Method of Reiki, Macrobiotic Healing Foods, and Holistic Coaching can help you resolve your chronic illness.

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