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"I Didn't Have To Die For My Beliefs" - Lidia Kuleshnyk aka Lady Apona


When I was in my cocoon of deep healing 30 years ago, I had a dream I was observing myself die in a past life. I was a monk standing in a pit with other monks, being executed by a firing squad. As my spirit left my body and ascended, I said, “I didn’t have to die for my beliefs”. This was my teaching in that lifetime.

Whether or not you believe in past lives doesn’t matter. But what you believe, including your values, principles, thoughts, and perspectives always matters. What you believe determines your destiny and the choices that support who you are or destroy who you are. You live in a free-will universe. It is all up to you as to how you play your game on Earth.

Understanding and identifying your core beliefs, patterns, imprints and perspectives are part of a powerful foundation for creating the life you truly desire. How can you create a lasting abundance of health, wealth, fulfillment, and purpose when your core beliefs are not aligned with who you are . . . your essence, your soul? As you heal, grow, and evolve, you begin to feel more Centered, Connected, and Conscious™. You feel more grounded, focused, and energized because you are releasing the resistance, effort, and drain that comes from the inner, chronic stress of not being true to yourself, while simultaneously creating more space and time to discover who you are, how you would like to live and what you want to create.

It is OK to change your beliefs. It is OK to release old patterns and imprints. Now is the time on the planet to do just that. Don’t worry about what your friends, family, and others will think of you, even if you once preached about your beliefs and now you decide to change them. The reality is, no one is interested enough to truly judge you more than you judge yourself. Most of us are “preoccupied” with our own journey and doing the best we can to navigate through this epic paradigm shift.

Release your pride. Forget about “what others may think”. Focus on yourself, and what you need to cultivate within yourself to get back on track or stay the course.

Ask yourself:

“What do I want to create, for myself and others? Am I actually doing this?“

“What are my core beliefs now. . . not 10 years ago, not yesterday, but today?”

“Are my core beliefs continuing to create what I want and desire, or are they sabotaging me, causing frustration, anxiety, fear, suffering, and pain?”

“What core beliefs do I need to explore, refine or change, to achieve my greatest goals, wants, and desires?”

“Where did my core beliefs come from, and what influenced them?”

It is never too late to come into alignment and live your highest quality life, in any circumstance.

At the end of your life, will you say “I didn’t have to die for my beliefs” or will you celebrate your courage to expand your thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs . . . explore what is possible . . . and live in the eternal flow of your soul?

You don’t have to figure this out on your own. I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ...





AponaHealing offers 4 pathways of H.E.L.P. so you can heal, grow, evolve, and live a Centered, Connected, Conscious Life:

  • High-Performance Wellness Coaching

  • Private Healing Retreats and VIP Days

  • Healing With Horses

  • Apona Healing Method

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