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Justin Martinez | The Healing Power of Shungite Part 1

We are excited to welcome back Justin Martinez as our special guest speaker at this month's Conscious Leaders Circle. This is the second episode in which Justin will discuss the healing powers and properties of shungite.

Shungite is a rare black stone/crystal composed of up to 99 percent carbon. It's name is derived from its primary location in the village of Shunga in Karelia, Russia. It is unique in that shungite contains fullerenes, or 3-D spherical molecules made of 60 carbon atoms. Shungite also consists of almost all the minerals on the period table.

Justin will expand on his presentation on shungite from our February Conscious Leaders Circle, diving deeper into the properties and healing powers of shungite. Justin will also share how shungite was part of his personal experience healing from Septic Shock, with 8 surgeries and 6 months in the hospital. Justin was given 1 in a billion odds of survival. Through the process of Surrendering, Faith in the Highest Divine Power and a lot of support from Medical Teams, Justin states " I became a warrior!"

Please join us for this educational and inspiring episode of the Conscious Leaders Circle!



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