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Knowing Your Soul


"The Desire To Know Your Own Soul Will End All Other Desires" - Rumi


And there you have it. Life in a nutshell! What is your deepest desire? What are you truly seeking? As you live your life, you are always motivated by something within you. . . something that percolates from the deepest part of who you are, into your emotions and thoughts that then lead you to make decisions. Whether these motivations and choices are for your highest good or not, doesn't matter once you respond to them, for it is your actions that determine your final destiny.

Not many of us go about our day thinking "I desire to know my own soul", but we do feel the angst, resistance, fear, overwhelm, anxiety, and lack of fulfillment when we live in a place of insecurity, that lack of connection to our soul. This is the importance of "knowing your own soul" and why aligning your actions with your essence is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself. This alignment is your power. You become powerful in your own presence, confident in who you are, how you live, and that you are creating your highest and best future for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet.

The time is now on the planet to evolve into a greater knowing of oneself. Destructive playtime is over. Excuses are no longer sustainable if you want to manifest your deepest desires. Self-blame is transforming into self-responsibility. And judgment is transforming into self-acceptance.

Haven't you waited long enough to feel so deeply fulfilled that you breathe with inner ease throughout your day and sleep in peace? Connecting with your inner knowing is connecting with the divinity with you. Allow yourself to be open, to receive, to be guided, and to be fully supported. Allow yourself to co-create with the divine and live in a newfound state of fulfillment and peace.

You do not need to know how. You just need to know that you will. And I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ...





AponaHealing offers 4 pathways of H.E.L.P. so you can heal, grow, evolve, and live a Centered, Connected, Conscious Life:

  • High-Performance Wellness Coaching

  • Private Healing Retreats and VIP Days

  • Healing With Horses

  • Apona Healing Method

STEP ONE: Click the box below to Join my Waitlist for your Free Apona Healing Coaching Session to help you identify the Pathway that is right for you!

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