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Paul Quinton | Master Channeller

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I am honoured to welcome Paul Quinton, master channeller and healer, as our featured guest speaker TODAY Sunday October 17. And Richard P. Geer, free will astrologer, will be leading a guided meditation!

I absolutely love Paul's channeled messages. The wisdom and guidance they provide to help us navigate through these uncertain times is truly a gift to humanity. Paul is an incredible conscious leader who epitomizes being grounded and focused in his professional healing work. Paul has mastered the non-attachment of keeping personal bias out of his channeled messages. You will be sure to experience alignment at it's highest level of integrity when you join us TODAY Sunday October 17. It is no coincidence that Paul's healing modality is called Alignment Modality©. Learn more about Paul Quinton and experience his incredible healing gifts!


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