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Equine Assisted Therapy & Healing Retreats

Equine-Assisted Therapy has the power to change lives in the moment and create a lasting connection of inner strength and peace.

Equine-Assisted Therapy is an approach to healing and personal development that incorporates the presence of horses with clients who are on a healing path, facilitated by a therapist. The therapist, skilled in both psychology and horse behavior, supports clients through individual or group sessions with the horses. Clients have time before, during, and after their sessions with the horses to understand their own transformational experience in achieving goals unique to their individual healing journey.

Equine Healing Retreats focus on healing through stillness with the horses, allowing for the deepest energetic connection and transformation by becoming the “empty vessel”. The Taoist expression “from nothingness, all is created” is a founding principle of Oneness within oneself and the Universe.

To maximize healing with the horses, upon arrival on the first evening, participants enjoy a healing foods dinner and a reiki and holistic coaching session. This helps cleanse and strengthen the body-mind-spirit, the energetic field, and brings one into greater alignment. When you are in greater alignment, you can connect and receive in the purest and most effective way, supporting your inner state to become more Centered-Connected-Conscious™, one of the greatest teachings of horses.

An Equine Healing Retreat at Apona Healing Ranch helps you heal specific issues and conditions, as well as ground you in a foundation of being more Centered-Connected-Conscious™, a foundation of wholeness from which you can achieve lasting empowerment and live your highest quality life, in any circumstance.

Equine-Assisted Therapy & Healing Retreats are customized to meet the needs of participants. Contact Us for more information.

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Lucy's Story

Releasing Limited Beliefs and Emotional Pain with Equine-Assisted Therapy

Lucy joined us for an Equine Healing Retreat here at Apona Healing Ranch in beautiful Rideau Lakes, Ontario, Canada (see photos below).


Lucy, like so many women wanting to release limiting beliefs and perceptions, was feeling frustrated by not fully connecting to that deep feeling of freedom within herself. . . freedom of the burdens that were not hers to carry, freedom to be in a healthy body, clear mind and connected spirit.


Lucy could feel that she was ready. . . but she needed a breakthrough, a pivotal experience to allow her to cleanse and strengthen in a supportive environment of unconditional love and healing. Lucy knew she could step into her full potential, but she needed help. Therapy with the horses was the answer.

"When I first arrived, I could feel the vibration of the land. It was so profound and powerful. It was a very cleansing weekend, where I was able to release a lot of pain that I had stored inside of me. The 'Burn the Burdens' ceremony on the last day was one of the most incredibly transformative experiences I have ever had." Lucy Dinis, Toronto, Ontario

Why do we share this with you?

Because the opportunity to experience, firsthand, the incredible transformation of Equine-Assisted Therapy is available to you individually, or in a small group, here at Apona Healing Ranch.


Gather around the warmth of a fire, on sacred land, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and experience the healing power of horses. Feel safe and free. Experience the breakthrough you are needing in order to lose your burdens and create a strong foundation of health for your future. And the love of the horses will be your guide.

You won't wait another month, or until "later in the year" because you desire to be at your best... for yourself and for those you love.

Join us for a special healing experience, guided by the heart of a horse.

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