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Know Thyself


"Health Is Like An Elastic. Being Flexible And Strong Are Foundations Of Well-Being And Success" - Lidia Kuleshnyk, aka Lady Apona"


An elastic is a great analogy in healing and in managing your stress and energy. When you are extended beyond your capacity, you can become so depleted and "stretched out" that you are like an elastic that does not have the strength to "bounce back". Or, you can become so tight, constricted, and "dried up", that you are like an elastic that can no longer expand, stretch, and is bound by its own constriction to eventually "snap" and crumble. These are two extremes. You have a tendency towards one of them. An overstretched elastic has gone beyond its capacity. A dried-up, tight elastic has gone beyond its capacity. Both have lost their resilience. Both are doomed for destruction.

To reclaim your buoyancy, resilience, and elasticity, the first step is to identify your natural tendency. "Know Thyself" as the ancient texts proclaim. Then you can work to create balance in your life, manage your weakest link and reclaim your health and regain your energy so that you never "collapse" and live beyond your capacity again.

Here is a simple exercise: Find a "healthy elastic", not the dried up one in the drawer that snaps and crumbles when you try to stretch it . . . and not the overstretched elastic from the pile of newspapers that cannot contract back to shape. Find a supple, responsive, buoyant elastic and just play with it. What kind of sensations and feelings comes up as you do this? What is this "healthy elastic" telling you about your approach to life, your capacity to be healthy, strong and empowered?

If you would like to learn how to enhance your elasticity and become more flexible and strong, so you can heal your chronic health conditions and get on with life. . . you don't have to do it alone.

I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ... Health, Energy, and Lasting Power!

To learn more about my High Performance and Wellness Coaching please check it out HERE.

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